Dixie Belle Big Mama’s Butta



Dixie Belle Big Mama’s Butta is an amazing product. Wood condition is totally an understatement!  This awesome salve will not only make dry wood amazing again, but the smell is amazing!  There’s so much that this product can do!  Rejuvenates leather, hands, elbows, wood and so much more.  It can even be used as a topcoat.  This product is an all natural phenom!

Why use Dixie Belle?  Many people ask me why I chose Dixie Belle over other brands. Dixie Belle Paint is an awesome chalky paint, with a hint of acrylic for great self leveling properties and awesome durability. It’s easy to mix colors to create new colors, layer colors, and blend. Back when I was testing paints, I painted a couple of side tables in Dixie Belle.  A huge storm blew in, so I locked up my studio and went home to wait it out.  A few days later I went down to topcoat the tables, and found that the roof had leaked all over the top of one of the tables, and then dried there, leaving a huge mark.  Of course I panicked, went to pick up the table and promptly droppe it on the other table!  Not only did the paint hold up where I dropped the table, but the watermark left by the leak, wiped away.  I still have those tables and they’re still amazing. 

I LOVE using Zibra brushes with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint!  They’re high quality, leave a great finish, and most importantly, easy on the wallet.

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4 ounce, 10 ounce


Unscented, Orange Grove, Suzanne's Garden, Fresh & Clean


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