April Paint Pack – Painter’s Goodie Basket!

$79.00 $69.00



April Paint Pack Painter’s Goodie Basket!  – Why should kids get all the fun?  We want a basket too!  So if you’ve felt left out since becoming too ‘old’ to get a basket, this one is for you!  In this pack you’ll get all the egg dying colors: Vintage Duck Egg, Daisy, Soft Pink and Mint Julep – all in 8 ounce sizes.  And who could forget the tasty treat?  Chocolate!  So you’ll get an 8 ounce of Chocolate paint too!  This pack also includes our Gator Hide in an 8 ounce, and our blue application sponge.  All of this and you get it for $69.00 SHIPPED!  That’s right – FREE shipping on this one! USE code AprilFree to have the shipping for this bundle deducted from your total!


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