Decor Waxes, Metallics, and Mixed Media

Shop ReDesign with Prima Decor Waxes, Metallics, and Mixed Media at Strickly Chic Furniture, with fast shipping and incredible customer service.

Decor Waxes, Metallics, and Mixed Media by ReDesign with Prima are the perfect touches to add a finishing touch to your projects.

Why choose Redesign with Prima?  Because, Redesign with Prima is a manufacturer of home decor products that aim to make redesigning your living space effortless and enjoyable.  Our product range is extensive and includes innovative offerings like decor transfers, decor moulds, decor waxes, decoupage tissue paper, and more.  These products inspire creativity and elevante any space. Additionally, you can get help from any of our amazing retailers. You will love Redesign because it is fun, easy, and inexpensive. 

As a family and woman-owned business, we are committed to inspiring individuals worldwide to create beautiful living spaces.  Our products cater to a broad range of people including crafters, hobbyists, and small business owners. The idea is to foster new relationships and connections through home decor. 

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