Furniture Rehab Bootcamp VIP Group

Thank you for your interest in the VIP group for Furniture Rehab Bootcamp!  In this group, you will receive one-on-one help with all things Furniture Rehab.  The biggest problem with all of the Facebook Furniture and DIY groups is that when questions are asked, ANYONE can answer.  There is a plethora of great advice, but unfortunately, just as much BAD advice.  As administrators and moderators of these groups, it is VERY difficult to read through the tens of thousands of comments and replies, to make sure that all advice is quality.  

Since I get dozens and dozens of messages every week, asking for advice and one on one help, I’ve decided to open a VIP group.  In this group, you can be assured that the advice you’re given is sound. All advice will be given by only the admins and mods.  Do I know ALL the answers?  Probably not, but I know most of them, and what I don’t know, I’ll research for you!  

Business questions are NOT off limits here either!  Many of you message me for business advice, knowing that I don’t allow it in the public group.  It’s my opinion that there isn’t just one answer as to what will work in your area.  I’m willing to work with you to help define what works in your area. 

So if you’re ready for a new kind of group, a group where you can not only get all the help you need, but TRUST the help you get, then hit the ‘Subcribe’ button and join us today! Introductory membership price is $7.00 for the first month, and then $14.95 monthly after.  Prices are subject to increase in the future for NEW members only. 

FRB VIP Group for Clinic Grads

Once you’ve subscribed, you will receive an email with the link to the group.  PLEASE answer the questions so that your subscription can be verified.  

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