How I turned this ugly Mini Fridge into a work of art!

Sometimes you look around your home, dorm, garage, and in my case – studio, and an idea hits you.  So it was a hot day, and I walked over to the mini fridge in my studio, to get a drink, and I thought ‘wow, you’d think they’d make these things a little prettier!’.  An idea began to brew!  I was going to transform that ugly black hole into something inspiring.  I mean all the things in our spaces should be inspiring in one way or another right? 

So I unplugged it, lugged it to my car, and away I went home.  I seriously had NO IDEA what I was going to do, but it was going to be something.  Do you ever start a project with no direction?  I do often, and sometimes find that they are my best projects.

This fridge lived in the middle of my dining table for a week before I even decided on color.  Finally, it hit me – Dixie Belle Vintage Duck Egg!  So I used my trusty Krud Kutter and a green scrubby to wash away months of sawdust, grease, and product from other projects.  After cleaning well, I rinsed it off.  Even if a product says no rinse, do yourself a favor and rinse it.

After letting it dry, I took a 220 sanding pad, and scuffed the surface.  This gives your product some tooth to grab onto. Make sure to clean off all of that sanding dust!  It was still pretty slick, and non porous, so I opted to go ahead and use Dixie Belle’s Slick Stick.  Slick Stick is a ‘gripping primer’ that helps your paint stick to slick pieces.  This is in no way a replacement for proper prep.  (how many of you who know me well were waiting for THAT statement?? haha!)

Once I had 2 coats of Slick Stick on, I had to figure out what to do with that emblem in the upper right hand corner.  It was raised, so no matter how many layers of paint I applied, it would still show.  I opted to use some Re-Design Decor Moulds over it. I chose the Greco Mould.  Not only would they give some extra pizzaz, but they’d also hide that unsightly emblem.  Insider tip: If you’re making moulds with modeling clay, light dust the moulds with cornstarch first.  They’ll come out SO.MUCH.EASIER.  Another tip: If you’re using modeling clay, be sure to let them dry completely before painting!  Modeling clay shrinks, and why touch up when you don’t have to?


Next I painted the entire thing with the Vintage Duck Egg.  Once dry, I wanted to add some color.  I chose Re-Design with Prima’s Wondrous Floral II transfer.  Now, if you have used this transfer before you know that it’s one big block of flowers.  I didn’t want that. So I set to cutting that bad boy up.  Also, by cutting it up, I have pieces left over for another project – win! When cutting up transfers that are super dense in design, I use a dry erase marker to outline what parts I want.  That way, I don’t make mistakes and cut through something I’m wanting to use.

After placing the flowers where I wanted, I decided that MORE IS MORE, and added some butterflies from the Parisian Butterflies transfer.  Once the transfers were in place, I spent some time burnishing them well.  Burnishing just means ‘rubbing on really well’.  By burnishing them well, I reduce the halo effect around the images, and ensure that my topcoat won’t seep under and start lifting them.  Once that was complete, I used Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat in FLAT to seal it all up.

Finally, I used Re-Design with Prima Decor Wax in Eternal (my all time FAVORITE) to highlight the moulds.  

Now, I have a fridge that not only keeps my drinks cold, but also makes me happy (and gets a lot of attention from customers!) 












List of Products used:

Prep: Krud Kutter, Green Scrubby, water, rags, 220 sanding sponge and Dixie Belle Slick Stick.

Paint and embellishments: Dixie Belle Vintage Duck Egg, Re-Design with Prima Greco Mould, Re-Design Decor Transfers Wondrous Floral II and Parisian Butterfly.

Finish: Dixie Belle Clear Coat in Flat and Re-Design Decor Wax in Eternal

You can get all of your Dixie Belle and Re-Design products delivered right to your home here. The Parisian Butterflies has been out of stock at the supplier forever, however they have a new Butterfly Dance Transfer that is amazing and would work just the same.  You can find it here.  Be sure to follow my page here, to see all the things I work on, and get product updates! 

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